The Mistress Ski Racing Team

This team needs no introduction as the 2016 Southern 80 winner. The 21ft Force hull and running gear has gone through numerous in-house developments over the last few years. Running our own custom 510 twin turbo big block chev engine package.

Synthetic Ski Race Team

After years of successfully campaining the 1850 Bullet, the team have gone to a new 1950 Bullet hull, running in the 6lt class with our own spec canted valve small block chev endurance race engine, running Motec engine management and data logging with a 7'' Motec colour display that gives us access to huge amounts of valuable logged data that is great for R&D purposes.

Bronze Aussie

Worlds Fastest Commodore

For the last 20 years Nankervis Peformance Boats has supplied the engine for this land speed record-setting car, its current record setting speed is 271 mph (436 km/h). The engine has been a long term R&D project, and is currently making 1200hp from the N/A 574ci Big block chev based engine running on methanol, using a lot of custom made parts and utilizing Motec engine management software.

Custom Race Engines

Engines built to suit individual needs and applications, including:
Ski Racing, Boat Racing, Car racing, Tractor Pull, Hot rods, Special projects, Twin turbo, Supercharged, Natually Asperated, EFI, and Methanol.
Here are some examples of our work:

Super Slak's Twin Turbo Quad Cam Toyota

This is our custom built, turbo charged Toyota engine.
Through a lengthy research and development process, and countless hours of water testing this engine at its full output, we are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of this package.